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Endor systems 2009 Ltd, which has been operating for over 30 years, provides solutions for clean/sterile environments, specializing in engineering, planning, sales, installation and testing of equipment and furniture for laboratories, including biological hoods, cleanrooms, chemical Fume hoods and laminar flow units.

Endor is a part of the Meptagon Group and complements the group's portfolio to provide a comprehensive cleanrooms solutions.

During its years of operation, Endor became a leading supplier of technologies and equipment for cleanrooms and laboratories, for many industries, such as: semiconductors, electro-optics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biomedicine. The values of innovation, quality service and customer satisfaction are the core of its values.

In order to achieve these goals, we have formed an excellent team of skilled and professional engineers and technicians, accompanying the customers throughout all process stages to their complete satisfaction.

Endor, the exclusive representative of PARTECO Co. in Israel, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom panels and ceilings, carries out turnkey cleanroom construction projects and provides the customer with all the accompanying systems, air conditioning, electricity, required feeds and cleanroom certification according to the international standards . 

Endor's service system also specializes in providing maintenance and repairs of all fume hoods types and cleanrooms.
Endor's validation department specializes in performing required IQ / OQ / PQ protocols which are required by the various authorities.

Cleanrooms and mini environments Design & Build turnkey projects according to international standards

Certifications of clean environments and laboratory’s technological equipment, according to international standards conducting IQ/OQ/PQ protocols. Technical services and routine maintenance

Specification, consulting and supply of lab equipment, which are manufactured by leading companies, represented exclusively by ENDOR.

Exclusive representation of the world's leading companies which manufacture biological/laminar/fume hoods. The hoods are suitable for laboratories in various industries and institutes.

Representation of a leading international company in the production and development of air filters designed to meet the strict international standards and requirements of energy saving and efficiency.

Our clients belong to the science and technology sectors all over Israel including:

Clean Processes

Microelectronics • Food & beverage • Hospitals and universities • Medical device • Bio- technology • Pharmaceuticals • Biosafety labs


Power generation • Petrochemical
Plum & Paper • Chemicals • Oil & Gas • Nuclear


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